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Electric Motor Compact Engine Euronorm Product

Electric Compact Motor

The compact motors are suitable for achieving a compact drive. These motors are mounted directly on the gearbox without the need for an intermediate flange, saving space and ensuring a compact drive system.

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Electric Motor Compact Engine
Electric Compact Motor

Product Info

The compact motors are suitable for attachment to the JRT series reducers. These motors are directly mounted on the reduction gear unit without the need for an intermediate flange, saving space and ensuring a compact drive system.

Additional options for the compact motors include:

  • Brake
  • Various coating and color options
  • IP66W
  • Encoders
  • Temperature protection
  • Active cooling or heating

Over the past years, the three-phase motor program has been renewed and expanded to meet the increasing demand for energy-efficient motors. In Europe, North America, and Australia, standards have been established for the new deliveries of three-phase motors.

High Efficiency, Premium Efficiency, Super Premium Efficiency three-phase motors are classified in Europe as IE2, IE3, IE4 according to the IEC 60034-30:2008 standard and testing standard IEC 60034-1-2:2007.

For the North American market, the motors comply with the EPAct Regulation (Energy Policy Act, 1992) and EISA Directive (Energy Independence and Security ACT, 2007). Following these regulations, requirements are included in the UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) certification.


Frame size:63 ~ 315
RPM:690 ~ 2900 obr./min
Power:0,12 ~ 45kW
Torque range:0,5 ~ 500 Nm
Shaft size:11 ~ 60 ø mm


Product description

Compact Motor



Due to the increased internationalization among Euronorm’s customers, there is also a growing demand for electric motors with different voltages and certifications. In order to serve its customers effectively, Euronorm Drive Systems has stocked a wide range of motors specifically for the North American market.

These motors are suitable for 208V60Hz and/or 460V60Hz. Naturally, these motors come with a UL/CSA certificate.



Euronorm keeps a large stock of motors and can deliver them quickly. Additionally, there is an extensive availability of various reducers and other components related to electric motors.

Moreover, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications, assemble drives, and paint them in the color desired by the customer in its own workshop. All of this is done within a limited timeframe and from stock.

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