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Helical Gearmotor JRTR

The JRTR follows the industry standard for helical / coaxial gear. The JRT R helical gearmotor series are well compatible with other major brands, are assembled from stock and are competitively priced.

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Helical Gearmotor Euronorm Product

Helical Gearmotor Type JRTR

Product Info

Within the Euronorm helical gearmotor program, various versions are available that can be directly exchanged with other manufacturers.

The table features describe the product range with torque, gear ratios, and power. Additional options for the JRT R-series include:

  • Output flange in multiple sizes
  • Input flange for IEC motors
  • Suitable for IP66W
  • Consult the catalog or the product portal to find your suitable solution.


Gear size:17 ~ 187
Ratio:3 ~ 289
Power:0,12 ~ 250 kW
Torque range:5 ~ 50.000 Nm
Shaft size:20 ~ 190 ø mm


Product description

Helical Gearmotor
JRT R series

Helical Gearmotor Options

The gearmotor range offers a variety of implementation options. For example, all types of geared motors can be provided with an outgoing flange and/or mounting feet. In addition, the gearmotor can be equipped with an IEC flange, hollow shaft with a shrink disk, spline shafts, and more.

Transmission Ratio

When a gearmotor with a very high transmission ratio is required, the gearmotor is equipped with an additional motor gearbox. This makes ratios of over i=10,000 possible.

Options On The Gearbox

In addition to the options on the gearbox itself, many options are also available for the electric motor. They can be equipped with several types of brakes (AC braking, DC braking, dual DC braking for stagecraft), encoders in many shapes and sizes, external cooling, PTC or thermal contact, backstop, and more.


The quality of the gearmotors is guaranteed by producing under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Delivered materials are also strictly controlled and selected based on their proven quality. The use of A-brand parts, such as NSK bearings and oil seals from Simrit, in combination with accurately machined components and the utilization of precision-hardened and ground gears (grade 6), ensures a long service life, minimal noise, and high efficiency.


Euronorm keeps a large inventory of geared motors and parts in stock. Additionally, Euronorm has its own assembly workshop and paint shop. Therefore, they can ensure a quick and reliable delivery of customized gearmotors painted in various colors and coating systems (OS1, 2, 3, 4).

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