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Planetary Gearbox Type JRP

Modular construction | high efficiency | flexible in application | suitable for IEC electric motors and hydraulic motors. Euronorm Drive Systems designs, manufactures, and globally provides industrial planetary reducers for the market of drive components, systems, and solutions.

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Planetary Gearbox Type JRP Euronorm Product
Planetary Gearbox Type JRP

Product Info

The input side of the JRP-series planetary gearboxes is designed to accommodate both IEC electric motors and hydraulic motors. On the output side, there are multiple options available as well, including hollow shafts with shrink disc mounting, cylindrical shafts with keyways, or spline gearing. Additionally, optional accessories such as spline welding hubs or spline flanges can be included.

The stepped construction of the planetary stages allows for a wide range of combinations. This design feature enables the assembly of numerous variations, providing the flexibility to achieve almost any desired gear ratio. This adaptability ensures that the gearbox can be tailored to specific application requirements, offering a versatile solution for various industrial needs.

The versatility in the output configurations, with choices ranging from hollow shafts to spline gearing, underscores the adaptability of the JRP-series gearboxes to diverse applications. The inclusion of optional spline welding hubs or spline flanges further enhances the customization possibilities, allowing users to fine-tune the gearbox to meet specific operational demands.

In summary, the JRP-series planetary gearboxes stand out for their compatibility with both electric and hydraulic motors, along with their versatile output options. The modular and flexible design, coupled with a variety of accessories, empowers users to create tailored solutions for optimal performance in a wide array of industrial scenarios.


Gear size:01 ~ 8
Ratio:3,5 ~ 3.500
Torque range:500 ~ 20.000 Nm
Power:5 ~ 40 kW
Shaft size:42 ~ 100 Ø mm


Product description

Planetary Gearbox
Type JRP

Planetary Gearbox Options

Each main group also offers different deployment options. For example, all types of Planetary gearboxes are provided with an output flange. Furthermore, all planetary gearboxes are possible with both hollow and solid output shafts. In addition, the Planetary gearboxes can be equipped with a hollow shaft with shrink disk, spline shafts and more.

Transmission Ratio

When a planetary gearbox with a very high ratio is required, the planetary drive can easily be equipped with additional gear stages. This allows for ratios of more than 1:10,000.

Options On The Planetary Gearbox

In addition to the options on the planetary drive itself, there are also many options available on the electric motor. They can be equipped with different brake types (AC brakes, DC brakes, double DC brakes for theaters) encoders in many shapes and sizes, external cooling, PTC or thermal contact, locking / interlocking device and more.


Quality is guaranteed by producing strictly and only under ISO9001 quality standards. The materials supplied are also strictly checked and selected for their proven quality.

The use of A-brand parts such as NSK bearings and oil seals from Simrit, precision machined parts and the use of precision hardened and ground gears (class 6) ensure a long life, minimal noise and high efficiency.


Euronorm has many planetary gears and parts in stock. Euronorm also has its own assembly workshop and paint shop.

This allows them to ensure a fast and reliable supply of custom geared motors painted in different colors and coating systems (OS1, 2, 3, 4,).

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