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Frequency Drive Type JI500 header

Frequency Drive Type JI500

JI500 High-Performance Vector Controlled Frequency Inverter. The JI500 series is a versatile, high-performance, and user-friendly vector-controlled variable-speed drive with a long lifespan. This controller is suitable for various applications, including industrial machines, fans, water pump controls, and heavy industries such as medium grinding tools.

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Frequency Drive JI500
Frequency Drive Type JI500

Product Info

The JI500 series high-performance vector control inverter is based on the company’s extensive experience in design, production, and sales. It is well-suited for a wide range of industrial machinery applications, including fan and water pump drive control, heavy industries such as medium-frequency grinding, and many more.

The JI500 is known for its flexibility, stable performance, and high reliability.


Power:0,4 kW ~ 3,7 kW
Input frequency:50-60 Hz
Frequencies up to:3200 Hz


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