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Slewing Drives - JIE Euronorm

Slewing Drives

The WEA series slewing ring bearing with integrated worm gear is well-suited for industrial applications where high torque is needed at low rotational speeds.

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WEA series slewing units

Slewing Drives Overview

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High Quality Drives

Due to the constant high quality and competitive pricing, the Euronorm worm gear reducer is a very suitable drive for use in machines and production processes.

The quality of the slewing ring bearings is guaranteed by being produced exclusively under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Supplied materials are also strictly controlled and selected for their proven quality.


Euronorm keeps a large inventory of worm gears in stock and can deliver them promptly. Additionally, there is a wide array of various motors and other drives readily available.

Moreover, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications, assemble drives, and spray paint according to the customer’s preferences in its own workshop. All of this is accomplished within a limited timeframe and from stock.

Product Configurator

Our advanced product configurator is capable of designing and specifying custom drive systems, allowing you to easily customize your electric motor online.

Tailor the motor to your specifications and receive a customized quote automatically once the configuration is complete.

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Options On The Slewing Drives

The WEA series slew bearings with integrated worm gear transmission can be equipped with an IEC or hydraulic motor mounting flange, making it versatile in application.

This type of slew bearing is particularly used in heavy-duty applications where significant axial force and torque need to be accommodated. Examples include industrial boat cranes, excavators, turntables, and grippers.

The integrated worm gear transmission enables achieving high torque at low rotational speeds, and the worm also contributes to the self-locking capability of the slew bearing.

There is also the option to mount a pre-stage to increase the transmission, which can be applied in applications where precise positioning of the slew bearing is crucial.

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