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Heavy Duty Industrial Gearboxes Type JRH

Built in a modular fashion, versatile in application, suitable for heavy-duty scenarios. Designed with a modular structure, our system offers flexibility in diverse applications, catering specifically to demanding and robust tasks. The modular design ensures adaptability, allowing the system to be easily configured for various heavy-duty applications.

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Heavy Duty Gearboxes Type JRH
Heavy Duty Industrial Gearboxes Type JRH

Product Info: Heavy Duty Industrial Gearboxes

The Euronorm heavy duty industrial gearboxes are modularly designed, allowing for different ratios and various mounting options. These heavy duty industrial gearboxes units have been developed with a focus on very reliable operation and high efficiency.

With years of experience, Euronorm has gained expertise across various sectors, including heavy industry, water purification plants, and generative applications. The product range of heavy duty industrial gearboxes extends from standard products to customized solutions.

The new modular system ensures optimal interchangeability between the gearbox housing and its components. This reduces the number of different parts, and the key components can be delivered rapidly. The design is optimized for robustness, offering high reliability, strength, and efficiency.

The gearbox’s noise level has been significantly reduced by modifying the housing design and precision grinding the gears. A square housing with a larger surface area, along with an optionally available fan and cooling coil, has enhanced the thermal capacity of the gearbox. Various mounting options and output shafts further empower the customer to choose the optimal reducer for their specific application.

These high-quality gearboxes guarantee a high level of reliability and can be applied in heavy-duty applications requiring substantial torque and power.

Key features include:

  • Parallel and right-angle configurations
  • Numerous available options
  • Good quality-to-price ratio


Gearbox size:3 ~ 28
Ratio:1 ~ 450
Torque:3 ~ 1.400 kNm
Power:30 ~ 1000 kW
Output shaft:38 ~ 460 Ø mm


Product description

Heavy Duty Gearboxes
Type JRH

Heavy Duty Gearboxes Options

Euronorm’s wealth of experience spans across various industries, garnering extensive knowledge and expertise. This diverse background includes but is not limited to heavy industry and water purification plants. Moreover, the application spectrum extends to generative applications, showcasing the adaptability of Euronorm’s solutions across a wide range of sectors.

The product lineup of the Heavy Duty Gearboxes is comprehensive, ranging from standardized products suitable for common applications to highly specialized, customized solutions tailored to meet specific and unique challenges. This ensures that clients have a broad spectrum of options to choose from, allowing them to select the gearbox solution that precisely aligns with their operational needs and industry requirements.

Transmission Ratio

If a very high ratio is required, the Heavy Duty Gearboxes can easily be equipped with additional gear stages.


Due to its consistently high quality and competitive pricing, the Euronorm drive is highly suitable for application in machinery and production processes.

Quality is ensured by exclusively manufacturing under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Supplied materials undergo strict scrutiny and are chosen based on their proven quality.

The use of A-brand wear parts such as NSK bearings and Simrit oil seals, precision-machined components, and the implementation of a precisely hardened and ground worm shaft (grade 6), along with a high-quality worm wheel, guarantee a long lifespan, minimal noise levels, and high efficiency.


Euronorm keeps a significant amount in stock, enabling prompt delivery. Additionally, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications, assemble drives, and paint them in-house according to customer preferences. All of this can be accomplished within a limited timeframe and directly from the available inventory.

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