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Encoders Euronorm Product


All Euronorm (gear)motors can be equipped with encoders. Both optical and Euronorm magnetical encoders are available.

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Encoders Euronorm Product

Product Info

The Euronorm flange encoder can be easily mounted between the IEC flange of the motor and the gearbox. Thanks to this modular design, it will fit to any IEC standard electric motor, resulting in short delivery times and low costs.

The flange, with fully encapsulated electronics, is mounted between the drive and the IEC standard motor, providing absolute protection against external influences. Additionally, the magnet is mounted on the shaft with a very robust construction, ensuring extra reliability, especially for applications involving brake motors. This robust design guarantees durability and operational reliability even in challenging conditions.

This encoder system offers a seamless integration that not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the overall performance and longevity of the motor-reducer assembly. With a focus on modularity and protection against external factors, this solution provides a cost-effective and efficient option for various motor applications, ensuring a reliable and swift solution without compromising on quality.


Type:Magnetisch / Optisch
Pulse range:1 ~ 1024
Material:Aluminium /  RVS
Signal:HTL / TTL
Suitable for:IEC- / Compactmotoren


Product description

Encoders and Pulse Generators


Due to its consistently high quality and competitive pricing, the Euronorm drive is highly suitable for application in machines and production processes. Quality is ensured by producing exclusively under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Additionally, supplied materials undergo strict inspection and are selected based on their proven quality.

The use of A-brand wear parts such as NSK bearings and Simrit oil seals, precision-engineered components, and the application of a precisely hardened and ground gears, guarantee a long lifespan, minimal noise level, and high efficiency.


The flange encoders are assembled at Euronorm. This allows for a comprehensive range to be readily available from stock.

Optical encoders with 1024 pulses per revolution are also actively maintained in stock.

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