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Stainless Steel Drives

The stainless steel drives comply with HACCP and EHEDG regulations. With the stainless steel drive program, you can make choices that are both hygienically and cost-effectively responsible.

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JRES series Stainless Steel units

Stainless Steel Drives Overview

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Quality Stainless Steel Drives

The quality of the drive is guaranteed by exclusively manufacturing under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Supplied materials are also rigorously inspected and chosen for their proven quality.

The use of premium wear parts such as NSK bearings and Simrit oil seals, finely machined components, and the application of precisely hardened and ground gears (grade 6) ensure a long lifespan, minimal noise, and high efficiency.


Euronorm keeps a vast inventory of motor reducers in stock and can deliver them promptly. Additionally, there is an extensive availability of various motors and other drive components.

Moreover, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications in its own workshop and assemble drives according to customer preferences. All of this is accomplished within a limited timeframe and from existing stock.

Product Configurator

Our advanced product configurator is capable of designing and specifying custom drive systems, allowing you to easily customize your electric motor online.

Tailor the motor to your specifications and receive a customized quote automatically once the configuration is complete.

Stainless Steel Drives



Options On The Stainless Steel Drives

It is becoming increasingly challenging to ensure that your machines comply with HACCP and EHEDG regulations, especially as your customers place greater emphasis on this aspect.

With Euronorm’s stainless steel drive program, you can make choices in drive systems that are both hygienic and cost-effective.

Euronorm stainless steel drives are designed with these guidelines in mind, ensuring they withstand thorough cleaning regimes, utilize hygienic components, and minimize dead corners and horizontal surfaces as much as possible. Naturally, the material of these drives is stainless steel.

Each main group offers a multitude of configuration options. For instance, the motor reducers and worm gear reducers can be equipped with an output flange instead of being mounted on the feet.

In addition to the options on the reducer itself, there are also numerous customization possibilities for the motor. Various types of brakes can be incorporated, encoders are available in various sizes and types, external cooling options, PTCs or thermal contacts, anti-backlash devices, and more.

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