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Worm Gear Reducers Euronorm Products

Worm Gear Reducers

Euronorm worm gearbox products are available from stock, high quality and competitively priced. The worm gearbox is composed of a worm and worm wheel, which is enclosed in a square housing. Due to this square structural form, the worm gearbox can be mounted in various ways in machines or other applications.

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JRST series worm gearbox units

Worm Gear Reducers Overview

Product description

What We Offer

High Quality Drives

Due to the compact design of the worm gear reducer, these drives are suitable for a multitude of applications. The constant high quality and competitive pricing make the Euronorm worm gear reducer a highly suitable drive for use in machinery and production processes.

The quality of the worm gear transmission is guaranteed by manufacturing exclusively under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Supplied materials are also rigorously inspected and selected based on their proven quality.

The use of premium wear parts, such as NSK bearings and Simrit oil seals, finely machined components, and the application of a precisely hardened and ground worm shaft (grade 6), along with a high-quality worm wheel, ensure a long lifespan, minimal noise, and high efficiency.


Euronorm keeps a large inventory of worm gear transmissions in stock and can deliver them quickly. Additionally, there is a wide availability of various motors and other drive components.

Euronorm is also capable of making modifications in its own workshop, assembling drives, and painting them according to customer preferences. All of this is done within a limited time frame and from existing stock.

Product Configurator

Our advanced product configurator is capable of designing and specifying custom drive systems, allowing you to easily customize your electric motor online.

Tailor the motor to your specifications and receive a customized quote automatically once the configuration is complete.

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Options On The Worm Gear Reducers

Euronorm worm gear reducers are available from stock, characterized by high quality and competitive pricing. The worm gear reducer consists of a worm and worm wheel enclosed in a square housing.

Due to this design, the worm gear reducer can be mounted in various ways within the machine or application. Additionally, various accessories are available for easy installation, including a torque arm, various types of flanges, input shafts, and more.

The JRSTD/NMRV types are equipped with an IEC mounting flange type B5 (large flange) or type B14a (small flange), allowing standard IEC motors to be mounted on the reducer.

The worm gear transmission is available in ratios from i=7.5 to i=100. With a double worm gear transmission, ratios of up to i=10,000 can be achieved.

Depending on the application, an ATEX certification may be required for the worm gear reducer. For this, you can also turn to Euronorm.

The worm gear reducers are available within the scope mentioned below:

  • Construction sizes from 25 to 150
  • Torques from 14Nm to 3,000Nm
  • Output shaft sizes from 11mm to 50mm
  • Gear ratios from i=7.5 to i=10,000
  • Power ratings from 0.06kW to 15kW
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