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Frequency Drive Type JI150

JI150 series frequency inverters are designed based on a new software and hardware platform. This series represents a high-performance, compact, attractively priced, and durable economic vector control frequency inverter. It includes features such as low-speed and high-torque capabilities, making it particularly suitable for mini-machines, small automatic production lines, and more.

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Frequency Drive Type JI150

Product Info

Economical Vector Controlled Frequency Inverter: The JI150 series stands out as a compact, economical, and durable solution in the realm of frequency inverters.

The JI150 is a specifically designed compact, visually appealing, and robust economic vector control frequency inverter. It excels in running motors at low speeds with high torque, making it suitable for various applications.

This inverter incorporates a range of perfect protective functions, making it ideal for use in mini-machines, agricultural irrigation equipment, small automatic production lines, and similar applications.


Power:0,4 kW ~ 3,7 kW
Input frequency:50-60 Hz
Frequencies up to:3200 Hz


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