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Variable Frequency Drives

The frequency converter program is a versatile range that includes various powers and options. The frequency converters are vector-controlled and are available with a 1 or 3-phase input voltage, in IP20 or IP54, and with options for a braking resistor or DC choke.

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JI SERIES Frequency Drive UNITS

Variable Frequency Drives Overview

Product Information Variable Frequency Drives

The JI150 series is compact, economical, and durable. The JI350 series is a variant of the JI150 series. The controller features a control panel with a switch, potentiometer, and emergency stop. The JI500 series is a versatile, high-performance, user-friendly frequency controller with vector control and a long lifespan.

The frequency converters can be used with all three-phase motors. Therefore, it is possible to equip Euronorm gearboxes with frequency inverters, allowing you to obtain the complete drive from a single company. Euronorm also has its own engineering department and extensive workshop facilities.


Euronorm keeps a large stock of frequency converters and can deliver them quickly. In addition, there is a wide availability of various motors and other drives.

Moreover, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications in its own workshop, assemble drives, and paint them according to customer preferences. All of this is done within a limited timeframe and from stock.

Frequency Drive Type JI150

JI150 series frequency inverters are designed based on a new software and hardware platform. This series represents a high-performance, compact, attractively priced, and durable economic vector control frequency inverter.

It includes features such as low-speed and high-torque capabilities, making it particularly suitable for mini-machines, small automatic production lines, and more.

Frequency Drive Type JI350

JI350 Compact IP66 Frequency Converter with Control Panel. The JI350 series is a variant of the JI150 series. In addition to various security functions, these vector-controlled controllers also include a control panel.

The control panel includes an emergency on/off switch, potentiometer, and a knob for switching the direction of rotation. The controller is rated IP66.

Frequency Drive Type JI500

JI500 High-Performance Vector Controlled Frequency Inverter. The JI500 series is a versatile, high-performance, and user-friendly vector-controlled variable-speed drive with a long lifespan.

This controller is suitable for various applications, including industrial machines, fans, water pump controls, and heavy industries such as medium grinding tools.

Variable Frequency Drive Euronorm


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