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Stainless Steel Bevel Gear Reductor JRESK header

Bevel Gear Reductor Stainless Steel

With Euronorm's Bevel Gear Reductor Stainless Steel Type JRESK, you have the capability to make choices in drive systems that are not only hygienically sound but also cost-effective. This versatile solution allows for optimal performance in applications where hygiene is a priority, providing a reliable and efficient drive while keeping costs in check.

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Stainless Steel Bevel Gear Reductor JRESK Euronorm Product
Bevel Gear Reductor Type JRESK

Product Info

Especially in the food industry, the selection of hygienic zone-appropriate drives is of great importance. Incorrect drive choices or unsuitable materials can lead to serious problems.

Both the usual cleaning regimen with cleaning agents and prolonged operation at continuously low or high temperatures place special demands on the drives. The Euronorm stainless steel program is specifically designed for use in demanding work environments.

The program complies with HACCP and EHEDG regulations. Through careful design (Hygienic Design), the choice of materials, and lubricants, the Euronorm stainless steel program makes life much simpler for designers, cleaners, and maintenance technicians.


Gear size:37 ~ 67
Ratio:4 ~ 150
Power:0,18 ~ 5,5 kW
Torque range:10 ~ 950 Nm
Shaft size:25 ~ 35 ø mm


Product description

Bevel Gear Reductor Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Options

Euronorm has years of experience in providing stainless steel drives. Through this experience and expertise, a wide range has been developed, ensuring you of quality. Euronorm employees possess thorough knowledge of the products, and they undergo regular training in both general drive technology and specifically in stainless steel geared motors.

Transmission Ratio

The transmission of the Stainless Steel JRESK is available in ratios ranging from i=3,41 to i=150 By utilizing a double gearbox, ratios of up to i=10,000 can be achieved.

Options On The Stainless Steel

With Euronorm’s stainless steel geared motor, you have the capability to make choices in drive systems that are not only hygienically sound but also cost-effective.

Euronorm’s stainless steel geared motors are designed with these guidelines in mind. They are resistant to thorough cleaning regimens, utilize hygienic components, and minimize dead corners and horizontal surfaces as much as possible. Naturally, the material used for these drives is stainless steel.

Quality Stainless Steel

The quality of the drive is guaranteed by producing exclusively under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Supplied materials are also rigorously inspected and chosen for their proven quality.

The use of A-brand wear parts such as NSK bearings and Simrit oil seals, finely machined components, and the application of precisely hardened and ground gears (grade 6) ensure a long lifespan, minimal noise, and high efficiency.

Stock Stainless Steel

Euronorm keeps a large stock of geared motors and can deliver them quickly. Additionally, there is a wide availability of various motors and other drive components.

Moreover, Euronorm has the capability to make modifications in its own workshop, assemble drives according to customer requirements, and all of this within a limited time frame and from stock.

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