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Slewing rings / Slewing bearings

Euronorm carries a stock of slewing bearings with a size up to 1200mm in ball raceway diameters. Versions with internal gear, external gear and versions without gear are readily available. The Euronorm engineering team can assist in selecting a suitable gearmotor to have a complete support and drive system for you application.

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Slewing Ring Bearing Euronorm Product
Slewing rings / Slewing bearings

Product Info

Euronorm has years of experience in supplying ring gears and other drive components. This experience and expertise have led to the development of a broad product range, guaranteeing excellent quality at all times. The ring gear is guaranteed by exclusive production under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Delivered materials are also rigorously inspected and chosen for their proven quality. Bearing balls and raceways are hardened and ground for maximum load capacity and longevity. For special applications such as high-temperature or high-speed operation, our engineering department can tailor the slewing rings’ specifications to match your personal needs.


With inner or outer gear teeth, or without gear.
Steel types: including Mn50, 42CrMo4, stainless steel.
From 250mm to 1200mm and larger on request.
Single-row or double-row raceways.


Product description

Slewing rings / Slewing bearings


Due to the constant high quality and competitive pricing, the Euronorm worm gear reducer is a very suitable drive for use in machines and production processes.

The quality of the slewing ring bearings is guaranteed by producing exclusively under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Supplied materials are also strictly controlled and chosen for their proven quality.


Euronorm has a large stock of slewing rings up to 1200mm in raceway diameter.

Euronorm is also able to make modifications, assemble complete drive units, and spray paint according to the customer’s wishes in its own workshop. All this within a limited time and from stock.

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